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Construction crew safety

Indian construction industry is growing rapidly and is set to become the largest employer by 2025 employing bout 75 million (7.5 crore). Majority of these workers are at the site doing physically challenging and dangerous jobs.

According to some studies, construction industry contributes to 24.20 percent of occupation fatalities, the highest in the country annually.

About 48,000 workers die in India due to occupational accidents of which 38 fatal accidents take place every day in the construction sector.

We believe that this situation can be improved by leveraging technology.

We can monitor the location, safety and health parameters of workers engaged in dangerous work locations by providing them with smart wearable that can help us track their overall wellness from remote.

We can embed smart sensors that monitor key health parameters of workers into the safety accessories they wear with minimal cost.

This system can throw alarm about any deterioration of the staff health. This will help avoid costly emergency treatments and fatalities which in many cases can be avoided by timely intervention.

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